Hey Bloggies-

Fun workout to share for the middle of your week!

Start off with a 10 minute warmup and stretch (jumping rope works well).

Next circuit work!

Round 1-

Repeat 3 rounds for time

burpees (with pushup)-10

Squats with weight-15

Cleans (no press)-15

10 highknees to 10 mountain climbers-1 min

Round 2-

Repeat 3 rounds for time

100 high knees

16 front lunges with weight (alternate legs)

16 side lunges with weight (alternate legs)

15 jump tuck

Round 3-

Repeat 2 x (for time but don’t compromise form-use a weight heavy enough that you are struggling during last 2 reps)

10 burpees (no pushup)

15 rows

15 biceps

15 skull crushers

20 lateral jumps (I jumped over my sandbag).