I love love love breakfast and wish I could eat cereal, yogurt with granola, pancakes, muffins, scones, toast with pb, or biscuits with jelly 24/7!  Well as much as I love carbs my body doesn’t seem to love them as much as I get older so I still enjoy the above but have thrown in a lot more eggs, oatmeal with protein powder or egg whites mixed in and greek yogurt for more of a protein filled breakfast.

My go to brunch plates also seem to reflect this switch in dietary preference (and moving toward taste preference as I go for more savory than sweet these days).

For example-

Brunch with Tammy at Brinkley’s

I had the pounded chicken salad

with coffee, loved the mason used as a mug.

I need to come back to this spot at some point and have a cocktail, they have a great selection!

Brunch with Crissy included another salad with poached eggs, crab meat, and smoke bacons, this salad was delicious, great mixture of flavors!

But like I said, there is still room for the sweets as I turned this box of jiff chocolate muffin mix to blackberry chocolate muffins (added about 1/4 cups of blackberry preserves),

oh and some sprinkles on top because they bring a smile to my face :).