Hey Bloggies,

How was your weekend?  Mine was full of snow on Friday, Chinese New Year dinner on Saturday night, a little work, lots of rest, and ended with a lazy Sunday evening on the couch watching the Walking Dead mid season premier and the Grammy Awards.

Saturday evening I found myself surround by all kinds of chinese food with Ryan and 23 or his coworkers to celebrate the year of the snake.

Dishes included jelly fish, frog legs (which I feel like I was tricked into eating and I personally don’t really think they taste like chicken…maybe really greasy brown meat…maybe), lots of squid, fried chicken, thousand year old eggs, fish egg scramble, a beef egg drop soup, shrimp, and fried rice.


Dinner on Sunday night was a vegetable lasagna.  The recipe was based on this recipe, such a great combination of flavors!

On the side, a little apple cider. Loved the flavors, and boy was it strong!

Gotta get to work, enjoy the day and keep dry if you in the northeast!