Warm up 8-10 minutes

Round 1

20 burpees (no pushups)

20 moving push ups

Single leg deadlift with row using weights (I used sandbag)-alternate legs and row 2x while balancing on leg (10 each leg)

plank punches-1 minutes

repeat above 3x

Round 2

frog jumps (forward and backward)-1 minute

total body with sandbag-12

lateral jumps over sandbag (or side to side jumps)-100

repeat above 3x

Round 3

12 bicep curls with heavy weight

12 tricep dips

butt kicks 30 sec/high knees 30 sec

21s-hammer curl (7 full reps followed by 7 half reps from the starting position to half way up followed by 7 half reps from half way up to the top of the movement)

12-tricep kick backs

repeat above 2-3 times

Finished off with my a fruit blast smoothie.  I’m loving the combination of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, banana, strawberries blended together with vanilla soy milk and protein powder or greek yogurt from some extra protein for muscle recovery.

And it’s pink, just in time for Valentine’s day :).

Have a great one,