Hey all,

I’m sleep deprived and blogging, so forgive me if I start to ramble :).

Number of concerts attended this weekend-one. The Maccabee’s. Unfortunately, I was way tired and stressing about a long experiment I was starting the next day so left halfway through there set.  I don’t regret leaving at all, you gotta do what’s best for you, but feel a little bad that I wasn’t able to rock out with friends.  Florence, from Florence and the Machine, ended up standing right next to us, how cool is that!

Number of burritos I inhaled after going the entire day on a bowl of oatmeal and dried mangoes…darn circadian experiments and having to do everything at precise intervals=1 very delicious burrito.

Boxes of sugary ceral I bought because I went into the drug store hungry and they were 2 for $4 (when is cereal in NYC ever that cheap???)=2.  The cashier totally made fun of me for my selection as well…whateves that’s what hunger does.

Number of hours of working in an empty lab before I started hearing odd noises-6hours.

Number of hours I started to sing to myself when my Pandora stopped playing music-hour 14.

Number of hours sleep I plan to get tonight, given that the dog doesn’t wake me-8 hours!

Have a great President’s Day!!