And writing my thesis, ahhhh…and looking for a job, ahhhh! Hence the absence from the blog, any spare time, well really time when I don’t feel like writing (I’m writing at a decent pace at the moment so it has only really started to take over my life this week; however, it is getting crazy right now as a result of trying to get a paper ASAP)…I’m job hunting.  Unfortunately none of the opportunities I originally sought out came through so now it’s on to plan B, which is halfway worked out but nothing is set in stone and having lack of employment in the back of my mind is kinda freaking me out.

Okay, now that I have sufficiently ranted, I will take a moment to share a few of the great eats I’ve had lately.  And I’ve had quite a few, many, however, have not even made it onto my phone let alone camera…speaking of my camera, I’m not even sure where it is 😦

Working in reverse order…A couple of weeks ago before I started to get into writing mode I went rock climbing with a few friends.  Afterwards we stopped a bar close by for a few bites to hold use until dinner.

During our conversation I asked my one friend, who will be leaving the city at the end of the month, if she had created a bucket list of things to do in the city before she said farewell.  It turned out that going to the Apollo’s Amateur Night was on the top of her list.  In all my years in the city I had never once been so I was in, no hesitation!  As it would turnout that following Wednesday was the first show of the season with special guest Ruban Studdard.

Ps-I texted this photo to my mom with the line “Where am I?” She immediatley responded-“The Apollo!!!”

It was an awesome time and I would definitely go back again!!

Afterwards we headed to Dinosaur BBQ, also a first for me, but after a few recent allergy breakouts I decided to nibble from Ryan’s plate (well eat most of his sides-creamed sweet potatoes and greens, which were amazing!!) rather than order my own.  Sorry no pictures!

Last week I celebrated Pi day at a friend’s with lots of homemade pizza and the most wonderful lavender chocolate ganache pie.  But again, not of the blogging set of mind and didn’t snap a photo until the damage was done ;).Last night I did capture the wonderfully quick St. Patrick’s Day inspired meal I threw together.  I made an Irish soda bread-which was rather simple and easy to make.

And sliced it up and served along with cheese, cornichons, chicken sausage, and lettuce:

Simple but delicious!

Dessert was also Cooking Light inspired with their black and tan brownies, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and sprinkles!!

And with that I’ll call it a night.

Have a wonderful week,