Oh my, how is it already another Monday!  So much to catch up on not sure where to begin…

The beginning week was quite hectic with trying to get the remaining items out of my apartment and turning in my keys.  I then hopped on an afternoon bus to Boston to visit my friend Ena and her precious little girl.  Too cute, and such a good baby!!

It was a quick trip but gave us time to catch up, play

and enjoy treats from Flour. While I love a cupcake here and there (I feel like there are more cupcake places in NYC than any other kind of bakery) I loved the variety at Flour.   We enjoyed (from bottom going clockwise) a molasses ginger bread cookie, a vegan chocolate cake, a double chocolate cookie, and a tiramisu cup (I can’t recall the exact name of the latter).  We also had a glass or so of wine and enjoyed adult talk and chatter while the little one slept peacefully.

I returned to New York Wednesday evening and met up with Ryan for dinner before we headed to the Melanie Fiona concert, but I’ll leave that for another post.

Thursday-Friday was full of writing and more concerts which left me exhausted and I wanted nothing more than to sleep come Saturday morning…unfortunately the little pup wanted to go to the bathroom so sleeping-in wasn’t really an option.  That said, I completely fell asleep on the couch about 30 minutes later.  When I woke up, about an hour later, I stretched out with a nice pilates session and then Ryan and I headed to the Ikea Ferry to Red Hook.  My friend Katie was celebrating her birthday by visiting some of her favorite Red Hook establishments.  I loved supporting one of her favorite neighborhoods which is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.  In fact both the Red Hook Winery and the Lobster Pound just reopened about a month ago.  But I’ll come back to her birthday celebrations because Red Hook deserves its own detailed post.

Sunday I spent the first half of the day prepping lunches and dinners for the week. Which mostly consisted of cooking lots of vegetables.

We then headed to The Redhead with several friends for their yearly Crawfish Boil. Such a fun and messy (cracking 2 pounds of crawfish is a dirty job ;)) time, and just screams spring…well, because that’s when they are in season :).

And yesterday was a beautiful spring day!  After eating we celebrated Cinco de Mayo at 10 degrees taking advantage of their 2 for 1 deal.

We then grabbed a couple of soft pretzels headed back to the apartment and chatted a bit more with friends.  After everyone headed home Ryan and I did some laundry, and I did a little writing before watching Mad Men and calling it a night.

And that would bring us back to Monday, whew.  Since it’s (music) Monday I’ll leave you with another Melanie Fiona song.


Have a fabulous week,