Hey all,

As I mentioned on Monday, Ryan and I headed to Red Hook on Saturday to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

After a windy boat ride, where I took lots of pictures of the Statue of Liberty and myself in Ryan’s glasses,

We arrived to the Ikea Red Hook, thanks to their amazingly fast free ferry.  And we totally stopped in Ikea on the way home to look for a drawer set and bought a $1 refill cup, which we proceeded to refill 3 times, so yay to free ferries.

Since we were on the early side so we explored the area and stopped by Widow Jane to learn about their owner’s history, how he decided to go into the chocolate making and then distillery business. We then sampled some chocolate and liquors and headed to meet the birthday girl.

First stop, the Red Hook Winery. I love wine tours and could never get enough, I learn something new each time.  During the tour we had the chance to sample 6 wines, plus a “nouveau merlot,” as in a funky wine that wasn’t able to properly ferment as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  Ryan’s face pretty much describes it’s taste, though it did taste better than it smelled. What a shame that so many of their 2012 red wines were destroyed :(.

After we sampled our share of wine, we went around the corner to have key lime pies on a stick.  Well, I only sampled from Ryan’s and bought a mini tarte for later in the week.  Must say, while I was suspicious, I think I preferred the pie on a stick…the chocolate was a nice balance to the tartness of the key lime.

We ended the day at the Lobster Pound, no pictures, it went down too fast, especially since I shared half with Ryan.  And while I did enjoy my lobster roll, you know, there just isn’t enough lobster in the thing to justify the cost, and the amount of cholesterol that goes into the thing…all the same if you’re looking for a good lobster roll, the Lobster Pound is worth the trip to Red Hook.  And while you’re there stop at the winery, bakeries, and distilleries :).