Hey all,

Welcome to Thursday!  It should be a great one, minus the tree pollen driving me crazy, it should be a great day with a high of 81* and an evening Yankee game, I’m so excited!!

I’m also excited to share my eats of late with you.  I’ve only been sharing my restaurant meals lately, but in reality most of my meals are eaten at home.  I think I eat out 2-3 times/week.  For example this week, we ate out before salsa on Tuesday, snacks at the Yankees game today (so I assume), and then maybe brunch or dinner out on Saturday.  In any case, on to cooked meals!

Parsnip mash and sauteed carrots and swiss chard:

Ok this was totally random.  I had peeps leftover from Easter so I thought I would melt them with some butter…

mixed with some peanut butter cereal, and yum, rice krispie like treats.

And well, this was an eat out…from like 2 weeks ago when we had our week full of concerts.  Ryan didn’t realize the show that Friday night would go to near 12 and didn’t eat dinner before entering the venue, which had a no re-entry policy. So when 12 am came around, he was starving and had a taste for corn beef, so we went to Katz’s deli.  In my 9 years in the city I had never been so ordered my own turkey sandwich, of which I took out most meat and saved to make 3 more sandwiches for the week!  I think I still have 2 or 3 pickles left :).

This brain is actually jello!  A lovely gift from a postdoc in my laboratory after my thesis defense.  How cool, right, and actually rather tasty!!

This weekend we made use of some maple syrup friends brought back from their recent trip to Montreal, with stuffed french toast.  I stuffed two slices of whole wheat bread with laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese spread (which I love and need to buy more, but I can’t find it in the city…Mom, can you send me some ;)) and a sliced banana. On the side I also scrambled an egg with the remainder of the banana, and it was better than I imagined, seriously try it!

Sunday’s dinner featuring homemade baked sweet potato chips:

Finally a vegetable lasagna from last week, and no that’s not tomato sauce but actually a puree of beets and carrots.  We made this sauce a few times last year, but never had it come out so red-usually its still purple.

I also don’t know if I tasted much of a difference, I need to try this sauce in a pizza, I think that’ll be the real test, or perhaps it’s just been too long since I had real tomato sauce.

4 beats made more than enough sauce for a full lasagna-13×9 pan, which was silly to make for the 2 of us.  We had it for at least 4 different meals, and there is still a chunk left in the refrigerator. Note to self, make a smaller pan next time and freeze sauce for future use.