Ryan and I escaped to Cancun, Mexico for a few days last week and as a result we were somewhat out of a grove when we came back on Tuesday.  We grabbed dinner after we made our way back from the airport and then got a few groceries for lunches and dinner on Thursday/Friday-Wednesday was our monthly anniversary dinners…I wonder if they’ll continue after we hit one year ;).

This month we celebrated nearly at year together at Kittichai, a thai restaurant in SOHO.

We went with their 4 course tasting menu with wine pairings, so glad we didn’t do five courses because I was stuffed for the walk home!

Each course was served family style, which was perfect because I could eat what I wanted and leave the rest for Ryan :). I have no pictures of the first course which consisted of scallops with a cucumber sauce on top, ribs, and prawn balls.

The second course was was a crispy whole Branzino (so delicious! and prepared like I have never seen previously. There was also braised pork cheek with steamed buns (we were suppose to assemble sandwiches), and then we finished up with perfectly sauteed vegetables in a garlic oster sauce.

The final main course was an orange chicken roulade and a red snapper in green curry, the curry was fab with just the right level of spice.

Finally it was time for dessert-a banana spring roll with burnt honey ice cream and a chocolate fondant cake, jasmine tea syrup, and lychee ice cream. The latter was just the most perfect combination, loved the tea syrup, I was still spooning it up after the cake and ice cream were gone!

So warm and gooey, loved it.

The rest of the week was nothing special, lots of sauteed vegetables, same old same old.

Sunday I was busy writing away while Ryan and a friend put together a lovely arugula salad with peppers, radishes, and orange wedges. A nice and light salad for a hot weekend!

For the main we had pesto pasta and roasted chicken, though I ended up not eating the chicken-I was still rather full from celebrating a friend’s birthday at brunch.

The boys wanted to round off with dessert so we walked to Il Laboratorio del Gelato for some gelato.  I had a bite of everyone’s but none for myself.  Below-mint, olive oil, and ginger.  The mint was pretty good, much more intense but yummy.  I wasn’t a fan of the ginger, it needed something like cinnamon to round out the flavor, and the olive oil was decent, but I liked Otto’s version better.

Talk soon,