Hey bloggies,

Still waiting on some better photos so I’ll divide my Cancun trip into 3 post, starting with a recap as noted from my iphone!

We were up before the sun to head to LGA for our flight to Cancun with a layover in Dallas.  The Dallas/ Ft. Worth airport, at least the international terminal, was pretty darn cool with lots of restaurant options and several art exhibits including the blue maze below.

And how fun is this candy store!

After walking around the terminal to stretch our legs we were back on the plane and headed to bluer waters.

2 short hours later we were on the beach!  Actually our room wasn’t ready yet so we dropped our bags with the concierge and headed to the resort’s beach front.  A moment later a waiter came and asked if we had any drink orders, I ordered a Corona, Ryan a margarita, and we toasted to a great vacation!

For those interested, we stayed at The Westin Resort and Spa, which I would highly recommend.  The were several pools on site including an infinity pool, a mini golf course, grills on site for guest use, hammocks for relaxation, plus several bars and restaurants on site.

The view from our room, the difference between our air conditioned room and the hot humid outside caused the lens on my phone to immediately fog update.

Ryan’s parents met up with us the next day. We kept it pretty easy that day, grabbed some groceries, played miniature golf, pin-pong, and then did some grilling!

More to come!