Hey all,

As promised the 2nd of 3 post on my trip to Cancun.  Unfortunately, upon going through Ryan’s photos I realized he only had photos from the restaurant we visited while in Tulum for an afternoon.  While in Cancun we also dined at Santos Mariscos and Fish Fritanga, both were excellent and I would highly recommend.  At Santos Mariscos we started with oster gaucamole, which was certainly different than any guacamole I’ve had before.  It made an excellent accompaniment to my shrimp tacos.

Fish Fritanga served similar style food, but had a larger menu.  Ryan order grilled octopus at Fish Fritanga, and it was perfectly cooked and incredibly filling.

I cannot recall the name of the Tulum restaurant, it was suggested to us by our tour guide. To start we were given a plate of pickled vegetables.  Thinking it was either a sweet pepper or a bland green pepper, like the ones that come with papa john’s pizza, I grabbed a green pepper and ate the entire thing. WRONG!!!  I was in pain for the rest of the meal and into the night.  Lesson learned, when in Mexico ask first!

For my main I ordered the stuffed pepper…ah because I didn’t just learn my lesson.  I expected something with rice, maybe some meat…instead it was like a huge fried pepper stuffed with cheese.  That said it wasn’t spicy and the cheese was probably the only thing that was able to somewhat cool my mouth.

It came with rice, a small salad, and black beans.  It was tasty, but I don’t know if I would order again.  If I’m going to eat something fried it would probably be a doughnut 😉

Ryan ordered the enchiladas with mole sauce. He said the mole sauce was too chocolatey for him but he ate every bite.

His parents split the Mexican platter and had no complaints.  I don’t think I would have either, it all looked yummy.

Last post to come…