Hey Bloggies,

This is the last post on my trip to Cancun and I’m soaking it all in as it’ll be raining here all day in NYC.

After keeping it lowkey our first 2 days in the city, we had a full packed day on Sunday.  We booked a private tour through our resort which included a guide/driver, van, and gas for 10 hours to do whatever we inclined.  We had a pretty good discount so it came out to $80/person I think.  We still had to pay for entries and food, but it was nice to linger when we wanted and move on at other times, and of course ask lots of questions.  And it was nice to lay back and not worry about not knowing the roads, being pulled over my cops who could tell we were tourist, etc.

First up was Coba, the tallest of the ruins in the area.  We were also able to climb to the top.

After I reached the halfway point I was ready to turn around.  The going up wasn’t the hard part, I was nervous about coming down.  A rope was provided to aid in going down, but the rocks were rather slippery/worn down…likely from people sliding down on their bums.

But I did it, and used the crab crawl to come down.  Ryan, who took this photo, clearly had no troubles coming down…he nearly ran the entire way.

After climbing the tallest of the ruins, translated to “the mountain” in English.  We walked around the rest of the area of Coba.

It was crazy hot! I can’t imagine how they made it through a round of the mesoamerican ballgame.

To cool off we headed to the grand cenote, an underground cave with some shallow areas where several people were snorkeling.  Scuba diving gives the opportunity to travel through caves from one cenote to the next.  It was absolutely gorgeous…even with the bats!

Next up was lunch and then a visit to the ruins at Tulum. Tulum translates to “walled city”, which is exactly what it is…well it was also a port city.

We returned home a little after 6, swam a bit more and made ourselves look pretty for dinner, and then passed out to get ready for what we thought was going to be another full day.

We were up bright and early on Monday to head to Garrafon Park for biking, snorkeling, kayaking, zip line, an open bar and lots of food.  Well…as soon as we landed we found out that kayaking wasn’t open and the snorkeling area was pretty lame.  Worse, the bike tour involved about 2 minutes of actual riding and well of course the open bar sucked!!!  I would never recommend this trip to anyone!  Ryan’s Dad was mad and went straight to the concierge desk when we returned to the resort. He not only got our money back but an additional $75 which we put towards dinner that night.  The hotel said they would never recommend the excursion again.

On the positive side, the island had some pretty awesome hammocks.

And we saw a few large sea turtles swimming along, too bad that wasn’t a snorkeling area.

We returned to the hotel swam and relaxed for our final night.  It was up bright and early once more to return to a rainy New York.

Have a great weekend, it looks like the sun will be returning!  How perfect!!