…because I’m behind in posting.

Last weekend was a blast, mostly because I decided I wasn’t going to think about science for a few days!!

Saturday was the active day with a bike ride to governor’s island, frisbee playing, and lots of walking.  Governor’s island was taken over last weekend by “Figment” so there was lots of music, art installations, and such.

We biked home and stopped at a local store for their Saturday beer tastings.

Then grabbed the pasta salad we made earlier in the day and headed to Brooklyn Bridge park for a little Shakespeare.  The river traffic (booze cruises and tours with loud music, horns from boats as they left doc, etc) in the background made for an interesting/entertaining show.

Ryan and I hung around the park for a little longer taking in the beautiful warm evening.  Sunday we did a little barbequing and a little relaxing, making for a perfect weekend in the end!