Hey Guys,

Man, I can’t believe it, but I dropped my Macbook the other day, and now it’s no more.  I’m going to buy a new one, but not looking forward to putting out the money…I suppose at nearly 5 years it had a decent life.  Still blogging is not nearly as fun…especially when it comes to taking pictures off my camera so I can share them with all of you.  And I really want to share with you because I attended the Firefly festival once more this year, but that will have to wait for now.

Well I can give you a peek from my iphone.

Long wait to get to the festival! For a minute I actually kinda forgot about the 8 hour car ride to Dover, De (it should have taken 2.5…it took us 6 hours to go the last 10 miles, was absolutely ridiculous) and resulted in us missing several good bands.

Thankfully Ellie Goulding’s performance and the Calvin Harris dance party made me forget my annoyance.

My other favorite part of the weekend was the silent dance party.  Ahh so much fun, why did no one introduce me to this concept sooner!  2 DJs, everyone listens to one or the other with their headphones and rocks out.

Including the little ones.

I can also share a taste of the music, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were my favorite, Karen O always puts on a lively show. And the band was clearly excited about their new video which came out on Monday.  They filmed on top of the Empire State Building, pretty darn cool!

Still loving CHRVCHES which I had actually saw earlier in the week at Webster Hall.

Mmm…not 100% why I couldn’t embed the videos this time around (I miss my macbook!) so I just gave them as links today.