Hey guys,

So this city is always full of new kinds of treats, thank goodness we are also forced to walk a whole lot!!  Also, by eats of late I mean like over the last 2 months.

First up the Yummm! Bun! and Doughssant from Chikalicious dessert club.  I had a bite of the former about a month ago, it was okay, Ryan was a fan.  Ryan had the doughssant last week and thought it was only okay, don’t think he would have another.  The treat comes after the recent cronut craze from Dominique Ansel Bakery, as in the croissant doughnut that requires getting in line at 5am.  The Chikalicious version is always available-but not something that makes me too excited.

The Yummm Bun.

And the macaron ice cream sandwich from Payard’s. This was amazing, and I would go back without hesitation!! I had the raspberry pistachio which was my favorite, but also tried the strawberry cheesecake, and mango coconut-shared bites from friends.

To balance everything out lots of vegetables in between including a wonderful veggie filled dinner from Dirt Candy. My favorite dish that Ryan and I need to recreate, Parsnip gnocchi!

We also had the mango poached tofu with these spicy crispy sea beans, pretty yummy!

We’ve also created some restaurant worthy meals at home. Slow cooked ribs, asparagus, and fava beans.

With corn ice cream and sweet olive oil cornmeal cake for dessert! It was the cornbread we didn’t have with our ribs ;).

And to end the post, a slice of Artichoke pizza which Ryan shared with me. The pizza slices were huge, it was the size of Ryan’s face but so good…just not something to have everyday.

Catch ya soon,