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I have a quick break in lab so I thought I would write another post.  Most of the wineries in the Mendoza wine region require reservations for visits.  Ryan was able to make 2 before we left New York, the remaining 3 and 2 restaurant reservations were made by the women who ran our condo.

The first of our official wine tours was at Vino Cobos. Ryan selected this particular winery based on selection by New York Vintners.

The winery had a selection of wine tasting options to chose from, but was probably the most expensive wine tasting I’ve ever visited. That said the pours were very generous and if we were the type to keep drinking I don’t know if they would have stopped pouring.

Ryan and I selected the tour of melbacs which included 5 of their 2011 melbacs (suppose to be a great year for the region)-it started with their lower priced bottle (about $15) and went to their $80 bottles.  The only wines not available were their high end reserve (about $150/bottle I believe)-well they were available but at an added cost.

Ryan’s parents went with a smaller tasting that included their Chardonnay, Tempranillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We loved just about every Malbec and bought a $15 bottle and one of the Bramares below-they each came from different regions of the area which brought out more spice in the one on the right and a deep fruit, little spice, more well rounded wine (in my opinion) which made the one on the left my favorite.  That said I can’t remember which we ended up buying and will be happy to drink either once again.

After the tasting we took a tour of the winery which was in the process of cleaning out tanks and transferring red wines.  

Next up we drove about an hour to reach the Valle de Uco to visit another of Ryan’s picks-O. Fournier. A beautiful winery designed to be sustainable making use of the sun, shadows, mountains, etc to keep the wine cool during the summer months. 

The holes you see at the top are surrounded by rosemary outside to provide humidity, and the cross represents the south cross.

After a tour we went to their restaurant for lunch and a wine tasting. 

View from outside of the restaurant, just gorgeous!

Along with lunch Ryan and I opted for the Beta crux wine tasting, which included their Urban wines and Beta crux (they also have an alpha line).

The owner of the winery stopped by to say hello and ask questions. His wife also runs the restaurant, he also gave us the chance to taste an extra reserved bottle of wine (a $100 bottle!).

First up was a parmesan foam soup with grilled onions. 

Next up oxtail wraps. 

Followed by roasted pork tenderloin with apple crisp and an orange sweet potato mash.

For my main I ordered the beet risotto, unfortunately it was way too salty, major let down of the meal. 

For dessert we had a torrontes sorbet,

and a panna cotta. Everything minus the beet risotto were delicious and the wines just spectacular!  I think if we hadn’t been so full we probably would have bought a bottle or two, but didn’t think about doing so at the timem.

The following day we took a break from wine tasting and did some driving through the beautiful andes.

Amazing, no?

Catch ya later,