After a day of driving the andes, and an attempt at finding a trail-that didn’t workout, we returned to Mendoza for dinner at Azafran-our favorite restaurant of the entire trip.

We started the meal with a potato soup.

And the best selection of breads, I think I tried them all!

For appetizers we shared this mushroom stuff pastry (phyllo I think) with a small salad-it might have actually been described as a salad, I can’t remember at this point.

We also had the salmon with guacamole,  

and this spanish pancake. 

For the main dishes we had a local fish over a bed of couscous (can’t remember the name of the fish either :(),

and the most delicious gnocchi with roasted vegetables.  

Oh and we also shared I believe these were scallops, with quinoa bits on the top, and more roasted veggies-we were craving nothing but vegetables at this point in the trip.

Well Ryan couldn’t resist trying their cheese and dried meat plate which included boar, salmon, and venison along with cheese and nuts.

Somehow we still had room for dessert, which was amazing, but despite this fact I can’t recall what it was…some kind of cake with berries. 

The last meal of the trip was at Francis Mallmann.

I wasn’t really into eating too much at this point and kept it to vegetables and fish, well and bread.

Oh and I also had some empanada. 

These shrimp were my favorite dish of the meal!

Octopus were a close second.

Ryan and his parents also shared the 7 hour grill goat,

and grilled beef.

I wasn’t a fan that all the mains came with some form of potato, I wish there were more vegetables; but, every potato form from mashed, roasted, to fried was quite yummy!

And to round out the meal, and because I wasn’t yet full I had puffs with chocolate sauce and dulche de leche.  By me, I of course mean the table.

Drooling yet?