Hey all-

Waiting to get some pictures from Ryan before posting on our final experiences in Mendoza, but to keep the ball rolling I’ll move on to Buenos Aires.

We spent most of our time in Buenos Aires walking around the city and visiting the various neighborhoods. We saw the pink house made famous by Evita who gave her talks from the windows and is used as the current president’s office.

In our walks we also came across park exercise equipment-fun but no real resistance.

The neighborhood of San Telmo had lots of unique graffiti art.  The area also host a large street market every Sunday.  The main plaza is also suppose to host tango dancers, but we only saw one couple dancing. 

We also took a more formal tour via Buenos Aires free tours which are offered 2x daily in english.  It was a great tour and I would highly recommend.  Our tour guide Maggi gave a great tour and offered the history of BA as well as a little of the gossip of the current country. 

Loved the funny signs-this was for school crossings I believe.

We also visited their huge cemetery in the area of Recolta. 

It was like its own little city!  While in the area of Recoleta we also went to a free classical music concert in the Law School.  We concluded this particular day with a tango class.  We didn’t learn a whole lot of steps, but it was fun all the same!!

Next up the food of BA.