While we were in Mendoza we continued to see signs for the 3 layer burger with cheese (the price is in pesos and equals $1.50-3 depending on black market price of a peso vs official bank conversions-I’m still a little confused on that issue but this article helped.).


But then we got to Buenos Aires and Burger King had 4 layer burgers!


How does one even fit that into your mouth!?!?

Argentinian’s might not be obese yet, but eating like that, well…and they do seem to love their fast food, every place was always full!  It was like the place to go and socialize.

We actually stopped by one while we had some time to kill before our tango class.  I had some green tea (and look how formal they served it, no large cup but in a pot!) and Ryan had an overly sweet mocha coffee with a macaroon, because he had to try a McDonald’s macaroon ;).

Tell Ryan to hurry with his pictures so I can finish up with Mendoza 😉