Hey all-

I’m putting this list together for future trips as a reminder to myself and as a guideline for those who might be traveling to places where you’re not so sure of the water content and there are lots of bugs.  I’m not including clothing, cameras, and such in this list, more medications and first aid items that you might not consider taking on the average trip.


-Antibiotic from your doctor for travelers diarrhea, a sip of contaminated water and you’ll be very glad you did!

-pepto bismol for immediate upset stomach relief

-tylenol and ibuprofen, both are good because you may need fever relief that does not include an anti inflammatory

-nyquil, for potential cold/flu relief (could also help fall asleep if needed)

-benadryl, relief from bug bites and possible food allergy

First Aid

-band aids

-alcohol pads

-ace bandage (if you plan to do hiking, never know about hurt ankles or bad knees)

-an instant cold pack (especially useful for hiking once again)


-bug spray (in the most recent trip I used something with 34% deet, no bugs came near me and I was just sure to wash away before going to bed)

-suntan lotion, kind of obvious

-babywipes, sometimes a shower isn’t available and you just want to be clean

-antibacterial, clean hands very important

-toilet paper, something that is not always available or comes at a cost in some countries

Can’t think of anything else, but will come back and add if I do!!