The food was okay in BA, my favorite were the pizza places (thanks to the large Italian influence in the city). We visited including Guerrin where we had a ham and onion pizza and olive and red pepper.

I loved this pizza because of the crust!  It was like the perfect pan pizza.

We also had pizza the night after our tango class from Piola. This was more of a thin crust but still very good.  We also had salad that night to add a boost of vegetables.

This meal concluded with a sweet lemon froth-though not 100% what it was, but a nice dessert.

Our first night in BA we actually had sushi, a way to get away from all the meat in Mendoza.

While in San Telmo we visited Desnivel a restaurant suggested to us by just about everyone in the city.  It was very traditional Argentinian, which of course meant back to meat ;).

We started with some wine, the wine was about the same cost of water, no lie…but we had water too!

Loved these garlic parsley fries!

Ryan also accidently ordered these pizza fries with steak, thinking it was simply flank steak.  He and his parents enjoyed them all the same.

For dessert Ryan and I split bread pudding, delicious but unlike any bread pudding I’ve previously tasted, the bottom was somewhat custard like. His parents had the tiramisu.

One night Ryan and I headed out on our own before dinner to see some of BA’s social/bar life.  We loved Milion, a bar set in an old French Styled Mansion.

They had a 2 for one special so I had the Norton Chardonnay from Mendoza, not too oaky or buttery, just the way I like my chardonnay. Ryan had “The Che” not sure if that’s a drink special to the restaurant or the country, but we saw people drinking it at another bar-it was a mixture of some red liquor and coke, pretty sweet, I wasn’t a fan.

Lighting in the entrance hall.

After drinks Ryan and I met back up with his parents for dinner at Tancat-a tapas/spanish restaurant.

As a table we shared sangria and a glass of champagne.

We started with a spanish omelette,


and something they called a white salmon, not sure what kind of fish that would translate to in english.

Also had some calamari, that was my favorite dish of the night.

And to try to eat some kind of vegetable we also ordered beets, they were in some kind of vinegar so I wasn’t a fan.

Dessert was ordered on a whim and was very yummy, though I don’t exactly remember the name.

Our final night in the city we went to Cafe Tortoni for tango dancing, dinner, and coffee.  We we didn’t go for the dinner, but ate during the show.

The food at the cafe was what would be expected, Ryan ordered a pressed cheese and ham sandwich. 

I ordered a turkey, heats of palm, pineapple, and shredded carrot salad.

Then it was time for the show! 

Which also highlighted drumming in addition to traditional tango dancing. 

The last two thanks to Ryan.

After the show we headed back upstairs to the main cafe to try some coffee and yet more dessert (seriously a good thing we did so much walking on this trip).

Ryan’s mom made here her own hot chocolate with a cup of hot milk and this submarine chocolate. 

Very cute, no?