Mendoza still had the best dining of the trip, and my favorite place in Brazil went unphotographed as it was on the last day when I left my camera at the hotel. If you make it to Rio I would suggest xxx, they had a great drink list both alcoholic and non, and everything on the menu looked great-as was everything we ordered!

The first night in the city we went to Porcao a Churrascaria that failed to impress me, a non meat eater, and the red meat eaters of the trip. They certainly kept the meat coming, it just wasn’t anything special.

The following night we went to a modern Brazilian restaurant-Garota, where I was excited to get rice and beans while Ryan went with the Brazilian stew, feijoada.

After dinner we ran across the street to Vinicuius for Bossa Nova, a nice relaxing night.

O therwise we were able to experience some samba and capoeira via street performers while we ate dinner or enjoyed a cafe.

On a side note before I conclude my post on Brazil I wanted to note a bit more about our hotel and transport within the city.  We stayed at the Sheraton Niemeyer which was off of the beachfront strip and had its own private beach. I much prefered not being on the strip although it required transport to get to Copa.  For the most part we would use hotel shuttles to get into the main strip and either arranged for a pick up or took a taxi back.  Taxis aren’t so expensive and for us was a better option than the packed buses which would have provided yet another opportunity for pickpockets. So for us, I think it was well worth the little bit of inconvenience.

Okay, so one more post going back to Mendoza, and that’ll be it!