Hey all-

I can’t believe I almost finished posting without briefly mentioning my time in Uruguay-though it was just a quick little stop over while we were in BA.  To be precise it was a little over an hour on a ferry and we were in Colonia, Uruguay.

There wasn’t much to do in the area and we were easily able to walk around before 12pm (we had until 4pm).  If we were to go again we probably would have rented a golf cart so we could have traveled a bit further into the country, all the same it was a small city.

It was a cold day!!


And in the car…

Another car with an eating spot.

But for warmth we opted to eat inside and along with another American we met on our journey we shared an order of prawns, mushrooms, a local white fish, some red meat I didn’t eat, but I did enjoy the little accompanying fried mash potato balls, squid ink pasta, and salads to round off the meal.

I was looking through the New York Times the other day and was surprised to see features on several of my latest travels.  In case you wanted more details on any area these articles are pretty good!

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