Hey all!

Last post, I know its bitter sweet but you’re probably glad to be moving on to whatever my regular blogging entails these days :).

So, going back to Argentina…

Walking around Maipu, a small wine town right next to Mendoza.

Love this photo taken by Ryan:

After an easy day it was time to head to a cooking class at Ituzaingo Resto, hosted by Gonzola. This was a great experience and the following dinner was absolutely AMAZING!

We arrived a little early and enjoyed a nice glass of wine while chatting with Gonzola.  Once ready we joined the sous chef (who was incredibly nice and allowed us to sample his home brewed beer.  We also ran into him a few days later at Luigi Bosca where he works as a sommelier). We were in charge of making empanadas, rolls, and dulce de leche.

Getting the fire ready to cook up the breads and the grill for the meats.

And in minutes the empanadas were ready to taste, and were by far my favorite of the trip (and not just because I made them 😉 ).

And welcome the owner’s dog, ready for her own empanada.

Dinner was served-our breads, salad, and roasted vegetables.

And then lots and lots of moist and tender meats.

We finished off with our dulce de leche with an apple crepe and champagne, a delicious night! 

Ryan made a new friend for sure that night.

Maybe two ;).

Our final day in Mendoza was another day of wine tasting. We loved Achaval Ferrer-a quality over quantity winery that doesn’t hesitate to toss 50-85% of any given crop.   

We also went to Luigi Bosca as noted above, after visiting Achaval this much larger winery was only okay-even when we had the chance to drink a higher end wine.

Last up was Septima which again was only okay, I enjoyed their champagnes but wasn’t a huge fan of the melbacs that we were able to sample.

The winery itself was also beautiful…

and we were able to enjoy a nice snack in their restaurant. 

After Septime we headed back to the condo, rested, and packed before enjoying our last dinner in the city.

And with that, I conclude my postings of South America, hope it was fun!