We headed to Long Island for a nice and relaxing weekend.  To prep for feeding 11 housemates,  Ryan hit up Costco with a friend Thursday night.  Unfortunately that’s quite the ordeal in NYC and resulted in a 9:15pm dinner.  Fortunately, we came across a new restaurant called Skal.  I wasn’t so interested in eating at that time at night and only ate a side of roasted broccoli rabe and kale with an delicious garlic sauce.  Ryan went with Cod and our friend Ray ordered a steak, they too were pleased with their dishes.  All in all I say a good find.

On Friday we loaded up the car and headed up to North Fork.  After unloading the car at the house and taking a look at the property we headed back out for an afternoon of wine tasting. On Friday we visited Shinn, the only bio-sustainable winery on the island, and to be honest probably our favorite on the island.  

After a pit stop for lunch we then visited Corey Creek.

and then headed back home for cocktail hour/dinner prep.

Dinner consisted of grilled chicken, whole fish, grilled vegetables, and spaghetti squash.

While we were eating we started playing games. This was a random game we found at the house but it started some good conversations.

The next morning we made baked french toast and a fritta, cut up lots of fresh fruit, and kept the coffee dripping.

After cleaning up the house a few of us went driving for pie but found a garlic festival so made a pitstop. The festival was only okay but gave us the chance to taste some garlic flavored ice cream and cupcakes, and believe it or not they were pretty darn good!  A light garlic taste as an endnote, not overpowering at all.

We then met up with a few other housemates to visit Macari and Sparkling Pointe Vineyards- PS Sparkling Pointe made it on the list thanks to my slight obsession with Princesses of Long Island. For those who didn’t watch the reality show, Sparkling Pointe was the sight of a major scene in the second to last episode.

Loved this red champagne!

Back at home there was another cocktail hour with hummus, guacamole, and sangria…Ryan and I know how to host a weekend getaway if I do say so myself!

Dinner consisted of shrimp skewers, grilled chipotle chicken, pesto pasta, and salad-unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.

For dessert we had peach-cherry pie and a pineapple trifle.

Christina then started a fire which we enjoyed while playing several hours of the game mafia.  Hi sleepy Baronby-see yawning dog.

On our final morning, well really afternoon by the time the house came alive, we had burgers, veggie burgers, salads, and roasted potatoes.

Red, purple, and sweet potatoes!

What a fun and yummy weekend. Wish you all were there!