Ryan and I made our way to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for this year’s Outstanding in the Field held at the Brooklyn Grange Farm located on the rooftop. This year’s chef was from the Fat Radish who was in charge of each dish and wine pairing.

We began the afternoon with sips of bubbles and a few different appetizers.  We also tried not to be blown away by the wind.

There was an option of Cava or Brooklyn Brewery Lager to start off the night. 

Wind not good for hair up or down.

Who would have thought we were on a roof…in Brooklyn!?!

Can you see Manhattan? 

The table

About an hour later we were given a tour of the farm by the main farmer who was super excited about his craft and it showed!  Apparently he also has an incredibly cute kid but I didn’t have a chance to see.From the farmer we learned that in addition to the obvious vegetables the farm also holds 30 beehives, 25 of which are new as many were lost in Sandy last year.

I also learned that the soil content is actually made up of a mushroom fertilizer, not that I know much about fertilizer but I didn’t know such a thing existed, but it make sense and so cool.

The farm ends up selling its produce to restaurants, has a 20 member CSA, and sells produce in a farmer’s market 3 times a week.

The roof also has a slight gradient which required the farmers to spend some time with trial and error to see what vegetables grow best in particular areas of the roof.

In addition to the vegetables the farm is able to sustain itself by using the roof as an event space as well as making and selling hot sauces.

Our group could have easily spent another hour with the farmer but we were told dinner was ready.

First up was a bean dish with mustard seeds

and roasted carrots with kale.

Next up was orecchiette with roasted tomatoes tossed in a tomato sauce, double the tomato meant none for me, bummer because it looked amazing!

Instead I had more carrots, with beans and rice that seemed reheated.  Now don’t get me wrong, when I go to The Fat Radish and order their vegetable plate I’m quite pleased and love every bite, but this plate just didn’t seem fresh and was rather boring compared to the dish I was missing out on trying.

The main course was a marinatead pork, sauteed kale, and creamed corn. The pork is in the background, my plate didn’t include any, but the corn was AMAZING and made up for my lack of pork (it was marinated in tomato sauce :().

The main was also served with pickled okra, which was different, I’ve only really had okra in stews, but it was delicious all the same.

Once the sun set…

it was time for a berry compote dessert on a sponge cake, which was only okay, I mean tasty just nothing special.

Heading back to the subway and heading home we took the time to admire some artwork-love this picture from Ryan.

Enjoy your weekend!