Ryan bought tickets for us to see Matilda for our anniversary and the date finally came!  I was incredibly excited because I love both the book and the movie-I still to this day will stop in a heartbeat to watch the movie whenever I come across it on tv.

The broadway show was incredible! The kids were awesome, the songs were clever, it might have been my favorite show since Wicked :).

Before the show I met up with Ryan for dinner at Esca.

Bites on the house:

Next up was scallop crudo:

Followed by roasted corn salad, which was amazing!

And Portuguese anchovies, which were too salty for me, Ryan said it was in my head.  I say, at least I tried the little things.

The calms with butternut squash and sage was also a winner, but could have done with a little less breading.

I was stuffed at this point and could have skipped dessert, but glad Ryan went ahead and ordered something because the caramel cake, caramel ice cream, with drizzled coffee on top, it was so delightful.  I can taste it now!

At this point we needed to run to make the show, but the house brought out more sweets.  I broke off a tiny piece of the cookies to taste, but wish I had a bag to take the rest home, such a waste :(.

Enjoy your Monday :).