Hey all,

Ryan and I hit the road at 6 pm on Friday night to make our way up to Vermont to visit friends who recently moved to the state. Traffic wasn’t so bad and we made it to their house by about 10:30. After chatting for a few hours we hit the bed to get up nice and early for a day of hiking.

It was a great trail, a little difficult and challenging at times, yet, the little pup had no problems and was constantly running ahead and jumping over rocks 2x her size.

When we first reached the top we were in the clouds…and slowly they pulled away to reveal the lovely scenery and fall colors.

Heading down was a little tricky and I slipped on my butt, but without any injuries and was soon up and about.

Sunday we headed to the Orchard where Josh works and picked apples, which was way more fun than I last remembered. We also had the chance to several apples I had never heard of prior to picking-like Crispin I think, or something similar to that name. I also now need to make lots of apple food items in the coming week ;).

Before heading home we visited Otter Creek Brewing Company to sample some of their beers and eat lunch. Unfortunately I didn’t snap any photos except of the outside of the brewery and more beautiful fall foliage!

Ryan and I had a great time and can’t wait to go back to experience a Vermont winter.