Hey guys,

Last weekend was quite the busy weekend with 2 weddings on Saturday one in Pennsylvania and one in Long Island but I really wanted to see 2 friends get married!

First up was Sarah and Tim in Pennsylvania.

Love this little dance.

We then had a few hours so Ryan and I drove over to my mom’s house and I changed for wedding #2. And then we were off to Long Island.

My friend Jenn from graduate school had an evening ceremony at a country club in Long Island. I’ve never been to a Jewish wedding and loved experiencing their traditional wedding traditions.

The ceremony took place under a Chuppah, which symbolizes the house the couple will build together in the coming years. 

After the ceremony we moved inside for cocktail hour.

And shortly after into the adjoining room for dinner. Once in our seats the couple quickly came into the room and the dancing immediately began. A) I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding with so many people on the dance floor. B) The live band was awesome and sang a great mix of older R’n’B and contemporary pop music-I probably didn’t describe that well but they were pretty cool all the same. C) I love that music was mixed throughout dinner it made the most out of the time.  And the food was so good. Not that I would have expected anything less from Jenn.