When in Pennsylvania 2 weekends ago we stopped by a small farm and bought a pumpkin to carve-I haven’t done so in a couple of years and love to engage in seasonal crafts.

We didn’t buy your typical large orange pumpkin, but rather a flatter pale one-the type you can eat!  Granted we weren’t able to cook the entire pumpkin as I would if it was purely for eating, but it wasn’t going to complete waste as a pure decorative item.

I started by tracing (punching) the face of interest.

Then we cut a hole in the top and scoped out all the seeds which were washed and roasted and cut out a decent amount of the inside to use for cooking.

Ryan then cut away at the face to reveal a silly little pumpkin…and puppy.

Later in the week we roasted the carved out flesh and made soup.

I served the soup with chicken sausage and salt and vinegar broiled potatoes.  Ryan said it was a perfect combination of flavors. Yay me for being awesome an awesome cook ;).

Enjoy your Monday,