Hey all-

Very busy week, which unfortunately meant few times to blog and say hello.

I did take some time early in the week to take Ryan out for a birthday dinner.

Birthday week also meant the intake of way too many calories-wine, dessert, food.  It’s been fun indulging this fall, but its time to pull back, a lot! This week is going to be all about the vegetables and no sweets of wine or pumpkin ales.

Ryan’s birthday cakes.

Pretzel cake from Milk Bar.

Homemade candy corn cake from me!

These goodies were enjoyed during our house party Friday night to celebrate Ryan’s 27th birthday.  Guest also brought doughnuts from Dough in Brooklyn and Georgetown cupcakes.

Dough-best doughnuts I’ve had in the city, delicious!!

I also made chocolate rice krispy treats and an awesome roasted fennel and garlic dip that I forgot to photograph-best way I’ve prepared fennel.

Saturday we went to a jewelry making class, that was a lot of fun.  I got to make this awesome bracelet, and try on some gorgeous rings-just wish I had the $$ to buy one.  The bracelet will have to do for now.

We spent the rest of our Saturday being lazy and watching movies (haven’t had a lazy day in a while-granted I probably should have been writing, but my brain needed a break.)  On that note, Monsters University was a great movie!

Have a great week!!