Random workout related thoughts

-I managed to get in 4 formal workouts last week and did lots of walking 6/7 days this week-given my schedule I’ll take what I can get.

-Each day I was in the gym this week I found it rather hard to get into the zone, the one thing that did help was a group of fellow gym workers singing and dancing to their tunes.  I’m usually one to hold in singing but I let it all go when I saw the fellow members do the same.

-I’m gonna try to do some gym classes this week to break through this exercise boredom that I am dealing with at the moment.

-This counts as a workout, right? I walk up like 6 flights of stairs a day from the subway alone.

With that, this weeks plan:

Sunday-bike with Ryan


Tuesday-barre assets of diesel (gym class)

Wednesday-Training camp or pilates (gym class)


Friday-strength and cardio