Now that we have made it through our crazy month of travels, Ryan and I are getting into a nice cooking routine.  We generally take turns cooking, though it’s never planned, more like who ever gets home first decides on the meal.  My only request, as always, is to be vegetable heavy.  When I do have a particular taste for something, I let Ryan know what I’m thinking and if he beats me home, he waits for my arrival and we cook together. It works well, a nice balance of cooking together and cooking for each other so we aren’t eating dinner at 9pm at night.

Last week I finally pulled out my grill pan to grill chicken indoors.  I was in the mood for a chicken sandwich, so I toasted some english muffins, melted some vermont cheddar cheese, and topped with grilled vegetables.  I served the sandwich with a side of kale chips (kale roasted at 425* till crisp, can also put under the broiler but keep a close eye to prevent it from burning to a char).

I used the rest of the chicken in the package for a pasta dish for another night’s meal. Nothing fancy, chicken, vegetables, and pasta in a white wine sauce.

When it was Ryan’s turn he had the idea of a shepherd’s pie, made with a sweet potato/red potato mixture.

Served with a green salad.

Ryan’s other meal of the week was a vegetable medley consisting of roasted acorn squash, roasted carrots, and sauteed swiss chard and  onions.

The last day of the week we went out for one final Ryan birthday celebration at Corkbuzz.  A friend of ours was unable to make his birthday party and wanted to take Ryan out to dinner to celebrate.

Ryan started with their fall wine flight, which he was nice enough to let me sip.

We then ordered a few items to snack on while waiting for our entrees…even they took too long to come, I was hungry!  That said, well worth the wait, the cheese in particular was delicious.

For my main entree, I ordered the lump crab, jalapeno, and corn pasta dish.  It was incredible, as Ryan would agree as he quickly gobbled up my leftovers.

Even as he enjoyed his own perfectly cooked Arctic char.

And then Ryan was surprised by a chocolate cake…so many cakes for this birthday boy.

Happy 27th birthday Ryan!

And just because, we’ll end this post with the cutest picture of Mei in her Halloween gear.

Catch ya later,