Okay, so totally random post as hinted by the title…but I was at “What to do with a PhD?” biannual seminar all weekend and pretty much worked in any spare time. That doesn’t really leave time for my general blog banter.

But this song is fun so I wanted to share…may have shared “Waves” by this same group a few months ago when I saw Blondfire in concert (or perhaps I shared the same song-whatever, its fun so you won’t mind hearing it again).

The advice-there was a lot and I recommend anyone pursuing a PhD (or recently received their degree like me!) and lives on the east coast to make their way to NYU’s session in November 2015, well worth the weekend!

The various workshops and talks I attended gave me a new energy to go hard (as did the book Lean In-everyone go read! but especially if you are a female), but also gave me great insight into how we need to be training the next generation.  So many PhD students waste half of their time as students hating their work and/or their advisor…wondering why they got themselves into such a program, BUT, that’s not needed. We need to first understand what we are undertaking in the first place, and from day one have some career plan (not to say that plan can’t change). However, more than 50% of graduate students go into a program knowing that they love science, but with no clue what they will do with such a degree.  That’s no good. You need a plan. You need to prep yourself along the way for the next stage in your career.  I mean we are constantly thinking of padding our college applications while in high school, and take similar steps while in college to get into the ideal graduate program-yet, we don’t do the same in a PhD program.

Why not?  I have always tired to make myself a well rounded individual and while my calling is not in helping others with their career development, I realize I really want to reach out to the younger generations (and all, not just those in the private schools or the Bronx Sciences of New York-but all). So ALL can dream big.

AND because science impacts us all, whether you have an interest in science or not…you need to support science and STEM funding.  So go read this awesome blog post by Dr. Sally Rocky, NIH’s deputy director. She does a great job explaining why this is the case.

In case you don’t go over to her site I’ll give a little piece:

If our current budget battles cost the United States an entire generation of scientists, we will have compromised our nation’s global standing in biomedical research and slowed the improvement of health for all Americans. – See more on her blog.

After you read the post, go write your local Congressman/woman about the urgent need to fund science and to in general get their act together.

And now, as promised a soup.

The soup was thanks to Ryan’s cooking on Friday night.  He roasted our CSA root vegetables-turnip, radishes, carrots, garlic, and onions, and blended them up with chicken stock.  He then brought the mixture back to the pot and added swiss chard, and seasoned.  Meanwhile he also roasted potatoes that were tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper before placed into the oven.

And viola, a hearty fall soup.

Catch ya later,