Hey guys,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and were able to keep warm.  After a rather warm November evening on Friday, the temperatures plunged to the 20’s with crazy wind gust on Sunday.  The morning walk with Mei was a shock to the system.

But apart from the cold, we had a wonderful weekend!! Friday we went to a showing of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which was amazing!!!!  Ryan hasn’t read the series, I don’t know how he can stand not knowing how the trilogy ends.  I mean I know how it ends and still can’t wait until the next movie comes out.

Saturday we held a Thanksgiving Potluck dinner with all our friends.  I’ve had a Thanksgiving potluck for 7 of the 10 years in the city and love being able to share food and conversation with friends before doing the same with family a few days later for actual Thanksgiving.

Highlights of the night:

The flowers/centerpieces-I bought a mixture of fresh and dried flowers from the Union Square farmer’s market.

Love this centerpiece which included dried berries and dried corn, it’s very festive and should last for a couple of weeks.

Fresh flowers for the scent.And more dried flowers because they were pretty and will last!

The spread of food-

My plate with a little bit of yams, mac’n’cheese, corn bread stuff, fresh cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, kale salad, and turkey.

I didn’t manage to snap any photos of dessert which included pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bundt cake, banana cake, apple pie, and cupcakes. Oh and vanilla ice cream.

Ryan put the leftover turkey towards a delicious turkey gumbo on Sunday night.  The flavor was amazing and we made sure to soak up every last drop with a brioche bun.

Catch ya later, enjoy the week.