Similar to Friday Ryan and I spent this past Saturday running around Philadelphia.  In the morning we took pregnancy photos for my cousin and then we rushed over for her sister’s baby shower (they’re due 4 days apart from one another)!

A little side note-Driving around on Saturday I saw a few decorated trash trucks, I guess I missed the memo being in New York, but apparently they do that now…It does make a dirty thing look pretty cool.

Now to Cayla’s party.

The food at the shower was amazing! I definitely had my fix of soul/southern food this weekend.

And a slice of cake served in a to go box did not make it out of the building ;).

After the baby shower Ryan and I met up with my not so little cousin Mike to head into downtown Philadelphia for a couple of hours to chat and catch up.

These garlic fries were the best I’ve ever had, so good.

Sunday Ryan and I headed back to New York nice and early.  Best decision ever! We were able to pick up Mei, grab a Christmas tree, drop everything off at the apartment, drop off the car, come back to the city(we rented the car from NJ), and pick up some Christmas decorations, all before 2pm!  Which gave us the rest of the day to unpack, do laundry, and relax.

As I said a busy but great weekend.

Be back soon with a new recipe that I’m excited to share.