Oh December, I love you for so many reasons.  One big one being the reveal of the long list of up and coming music artist.  Last’s years list included HAIM, Aluna George, and Chvrches.

Banks-I actually just came across her a couple of weeks ago.  I can get into her faster tracks, but the slower ones don’t do it for me.

Chance the Rapper-Love the beats more than his rhymes, but I he had me drawn in starting at minute 1 of the full album.  And the hooks, they’re just awesome.

Also loving the surprisingly only 19 year old Ella Eyre.  A scratchy soulful voice that reminds me of Amy Winehouse.  I want to say she’ll top the list this year, seriously loving this song.  She is also amazing as the vocals in this Rudimental song.

Not sure how I feel about Chloe Howl, she is certainly fun, but top of the list material, I don’t think so.

Another top contender for me would be Jungle, I immediately loved everything about this song and group including this video.

I would give similar praise and expectations for Royal Blood. And with the level of instrumentals, I’m already excited to see them in a live concert.

As always the list is awesome, I don’t know how they begin to chose the top 5 artist, but I can’t wait!

Enjoy your weekend,