Lots more Christmas celebrating going on this past week and weekend and lots more to go (3 parties this week), and then visiting lots of family.  Thankfully that worst part of December, work wise, is over…I mean I have lots to do, but my time is a little more flexible this week.  As such I should be able to hit the gym Monday-Thursday (keep me to it;)).

Backing up let’s talk about this weekend…well part of it at least!

Saturday morning we were up nice and early for some volunteer work through the St. Nicholas Project.  I love this event and was so glad to have a few hours available this year to give my time.  In short, we were given a family with their clothing sizes and request regarding sheets, towels, and blankets.  Unfortunately we were only given $50/person which makes it hard to get bed sets and coats, but something is always something.

Then it was onto a megabus for a trip in the snow to Philadelphia, don’t worry  I made it there safe and sound.

The trip to Philadelphia was for my cousin Cherron’s baby shower.  That evening I headed to my Mom’s and helped my mom and sister decorate our home Christmas tree.

The shower:

I ate a sandwich before arriving but nibbled on some chicken and sweet potato bread, which was amazing but still has me full.

Sunday morning I headed back to New York with my mom and sister coming with me for a packed day in the city.

We started at Macy’s Herald Square to check out their windows.

And then it was off to Ktown, Miss Korea to be precise for some bibimbap and soondubu.

Love all the apps that come with korean food.


And so did my sister :).

I had the seafood soondubu, Ryan the pork, and my sister and mom shared the dumpling.  They also shared the chicken bimimbap.

We had a few minutes to kill and walked around looking at Christmas trees.  Love how google has been adding snow to my Christmas winter scenes.

It was then time for A Christmas Story the Musical!!  Which was a lot of fun, and had lots of fun songs.  Ryan even enjoyed the performance despite never watching the movie.

And because we hasn’t done enough for the day we headed uptown to check out the tree at the Natural History Museum.

The theme this year:

We worked our way back downtown to check out the nighttime lights and trees.

Lincoln Center:

Love this picture taken by Ryan.

Lincoln center tree.

And shop windows of 5th ave.

And last but not least, the tree of Rockefeller Center. Thankfully, apart from the Rockefeller tree, we were not overwhelmed with tons of people.  Amazing we were able to get the following picture.

And now its time to pass out, so tired from a long weekend and week.  See you later in the week.