Hey Bloggies,

The last week was full of travel.  From New York to Virginia by way of Philadelphia, to LA, back to Philadelphia and then back to New York-yeah, like I said, lots of travel.  With the car and flight time, not to mention visiting family, and staying at hotels/family homes, it was hard to find time and more over space to fit in a little sweating time.

Here are a few ways I tried to get activity into my schedule over the last week:

Jawbone up-great way to keep track of my activity levels over the day.  This band is incredibly easy to use-it connects directly to my iphone to sync, charges quickly with a charge that last about 6 days (suppose to last 10, but I think 6 is still rather decent), its more fashionable than some other bands currently available, it includes a sleep mode to track sleep, and allows for easy dietary recordings.  If you prefer recording meals using “MyFitnessPal” the Jawbone up can also sync with such apps.

Youtube exercise channel/workout videos-There are so many free workouts not available online.  Including bodyrocktv (my old go to favorite, and the site continues to offer great workouts, I’m just not the hugest fan of the host), fitness blender (great site that offers workouts of varying skill and intensity levels), and now youtube provides workouts from trainers including Julian Michaels.

However, I’ve been using a lot of the dance videos lately to get in a good cardio workout when I’m unable to make it to the gym, which was the case over Christmas break.  In particular I love this pump it up workout (which I also posted in my last workout post), which is broken up into a warmup, dance, intense cardio, strength, and cool down sections.  It provides a great sweat and rather fun if you don’t mind cheesy workouts.

Finally, I’m a fan of the NikeFitnessClub app, which provides workouts for toning, strength, and fat loss of all levels.  The app breaks down each workout with videos of each movement and includes a timer for real time/follow along workouts.  It’s a great app!

As a result of combining the above, with the exception of Christmas day where I topped 4,000 steps, I was able to hit between 9,000-19,000 steps/day.  This average was below my step goal of 17,000 day but given that I’ve been driving rather my normal walking I won’t complain.

If you’re looking for motivation moving into the New Year I certainly recommend any of the above, so get moving 😉