While in Pa my mom took Ryan and I to a new to us restaurant in North Wales called Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar.  The restaurant strives to keep dishes under 500 calories and uses local vegetables, meat, and dairy products as much as possible.

We started the meal by splitting a sausage flatbread pizza, which was my favorite dish of the night.

Next up we had a pasta dish with asparagus, mushrooms, and goat cheese.  The goat cheese threw this dish off making it oddly sour.

Finally Ryan and I split the Coq au Vin, which had a great sauce.

My sister went with the grass fed burger, which came with a salad on the side and one on top 😉

My mom had the chicken salad with a vegetable harvest soup.

And with perfect portioned meals we each had room to try dessert.

I think I had a bit of pumpkin mousse, carrot cake trifle, and the tres leches. The cake was probably my favorite out the of the 3, the pumpkin had too much pumpkin and cinnamon (can’t believe I said too much pumpkin ;)).  But I love that the small sizes allowed us to each order our own dessert and share across the table.

All in all, loved the concept and am curious to see how the menu changes with the seasons and vegetable availability.

Catch ya later,