I’m starting a 24 day challenge this week and in the spirit cut down on the sweets this week, but I did allow for quite a few slices of pizza Friday/Saturday, this diet choice before cutting out dairy and bread (especially the white stuff) for the next 10 days (the cleanse phase…details soon enough).

Dinner Thursday night, aka the night of the storm-As such I was seriously craving a nice warm meal=honey mustard marinated chicken legs and thighs, roasted brussels sprouts, and mac’n’cheese.

Google went a little crazy here, I mean yes it was snowing…but ;). In photo Mei and Ryan with neighbor and his lab.

But back to dinner..

Ryan’s plate:

Friday night, it was still too cold to go out.  I was planning on making a salad for dinner with some of the leftover chicken, but the cold weather called for something else.  I decided on pizza since I also really wanted pizza before the start my challenge.

We started the night with guacamole while playing some bananagrams and waiting for the pizza.

And then it was pizza time!! With a crazy number of toppings because that’s how Ryan likes it ;).

Alright, forgive me for this rather scatter brain post, but I’ll see you on the other side of my 24 day challenge!!