I spent Sunday evening getting meals ready for the week. Here’s a look!

Monday’s dinner: I  put some chicken into the crockpot to make a thai peanut butter chicken dish following this recipe.  Major switch-I used the Peanut Butter company’s the heat is on for a nice little kick.

Will give finished product later in the week.

While in the kitchen, this little one gave me some company.

Though she is so hard to photograph!!

Back to the cooking…I also boiled some beets for later in the week

As well as some vegetables for roasting and a soup!

Then I worked on Sunday’s dinner of thai lime turkey burgers.

Burgers served with mushrooms, guacamole and cauliflower mash, t’was delicious!

Catch ya later in the week with Ryan’s proposal story and a recap of my first few days of the January Jumpstart.