First, thanks to everyone who visited the site Friday and over the weekend, it was a great day!!  I hope some of you keep coming back to the site as I post about eats, moves, my love of music and well probably some wedding related events :).

So…the first few days of this 24 day challenge weren’t so bad, but now I’m craving some cheese, and yogurt, and bread-perhaps that would explain some of my finds this week.

This one is for my sister who loves all things bacon.  I can’t believe I’ve never seen this pizza combination in the past!!

And for something I could make during the challenge!

And for the sweet tooth-toffee :).

Childhood memories

Also for my sister-who loves creme brulee, and these are too cute!

And to work it all off ;), this fun zumba routine to “I need your love.”

Have a great week,