Goal for this week (and days 7-13 of 24 day challenge) push all workouts hard!!

Sunday-Day off (more like low intensity day long, walk and pilates)

Monday-45 min Hiit Routine

Tuesday-Shoulders, backs and biceps + 25 min cardio

Wednesday-Spin and abs

Thursday-Legs and 20 min cardio

Friday-Spin and abs

Saturday-chest and triceps and 20 min cardio

Also, the top 5 of the sound of 2014 was announced last week.  Only 2 of my picks made it into the top 5 (Jungle should have been top 5 for sure!)…and I don’t know how I feel about #1 Sam Smith. Ella Eyre should have had #1 easily, but let’s see what the year has in store for Sam Smith.