Just about all the groceries this week came from Trader Joe’s.  The haul wasn’t huge, given that we have a winter CSA pick up on Tuesday, but more than enough to make a few lunches and dinners.

Ryan and I have slightly different cooking methods.  I’m certainly a recipe follower and do my shopping based on the recipe I plan to follow.  Granted that’s not always the case, I certainly will throw things together based on what’s in the fridge from time to time-especially towards the end of the week when I’m lacking time and/or energy.  Ryan on the other hand generally throws things together based on what’s in the refrigerator, and buys for the week based on the meat and vegetables he feels like eating.  Though he too will from time to time buy based on a recipe.

As such we bought-

hash browns and zucchini  (for a quiche recipe)

celery, green pepper, onions, and butternut squash (for chili-recipe late in the week)

brown rice spaghetti (random purchase on my end but something that looked worth a try)

cooking spray (needed restocking)

parsnips and mushrooms (no particular recipe in mind, but Ryan’s choice for cooking this week)

cauliflower (my choice for a flourless pizza crust)

Chicken sausage (for the pizza and quiche)

ground turkey (for the chili)

Will share what we get from the CSA later in the week!

How do you do your weekly grocery shopping?