Hey ya!!

I did this upper body routine and it was a good way to break a nice sweat and do some lifting.  Move as quickly as possible but keep form.  If you don’t know a move, google it ;).

Upper body 100.  Do 10 of each exercise, repeat 2-3 times.  Start with a warm-up!!

1. Push ups
2. Push up with row then stand-up to shoulder press
3. Pull-ups (can do assisted, use resistance band or stand on a chair with one foot on)
4. Chin-ups
5. Hammer curl
6. Cable row
7. Tricep dips
8. Tricep kickbacks
9. Dumbbell flys
10. Bicep curl

Hope you get a good sweat.  Also, just to make a note I’m not a certified trainer just sharing what I like to do!