Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  Such was the case in the kitchen this week.

I had a great dish with this apple protein coffee cake, based on this recipe. Few changes-I didn’t pre cook the apples but cut them very thin and tossed with apples.  I then added cinnamon, splenda brown sugar blend, and a nut/seed combination that included almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seed. Tossed all the ingredients together and placed on top of the batter.  Viola, so good!!

Before the oven


Now…the bomb.

Hash brown quiche.

Such a great idea, replace buttery crust with shredded potatoes tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Hash browns placed into a pie pan and baked until browned.  Problem-I should have stuck with a regular pie crust not a deep dish 😦

After 40 minutes at 450*  the hash browns still weren’t brown…grr, I grew impatient and turned up the broiler.  5 minutes later, I was HUNGRY and said forget it, the egg and veggie mixture is going in, I SHOULD have waited for a better crisp…I mean the end product wasn’t bad, but I wish it was crispier.

While the hash browns were cooking I sauted vegetables-onions first, then added zucchini once the onions were tender, followed by mushrooms.  Once I turned off the stove I added the spinach to give it a little wilt before placing into my crust.

I then added the vegetables above with 2 links of chicken sausage, and 4 egg whites +2 eggs.  Again, due to the deeper pan it took about 40 minutes to cook at 350*.  I suppose this wasn’t the problem because the filling was quite tasting.  The only real problem was the lack of a crisp crust…I guess I just need to be patient and keep it in the oven longer ;).

C’est la vie…next time!