Tempeh meatballs (tempeh, pecans, and nutritional yeast-blended, formed into meatballs and baked until browned) with kale pesto (kale, pecans, garlic, and olive oil) and zucchini noodle or “zoodles” thanks to dinner at Dana’s. 

Dinner Monday night-salad with avocado, quinoa and black bean salad from Whole Foods, and Cajun salmon burgers also from Whole Foods. A spicy but delicious and quick (the burgers only took about 7-8 minutes to cook up!) dinner.

And my last healthy meal to share, baked tofu with sauteed kale on top of quinoa I believe (just can’t see)-this meal was thanks to Ryan who put it together while I worked out one night.  Tip here, cut the tofu thinly, squeeze all the water, and long low heat bake.  350* for 40 minutes.

Catch ya later in the week, need to do a recap of my 24 day challenge but probably won’t get to that until Thursday or Friday.