1. This awesome bachelorette party day 1 and day 2 recap.  Sounds like an awesome time spent with such thoughtful friends.

2. I’m really into online workouts, it’s so cold out…I hate making the pit stop at the gym to get in my cardio-though I do on some days.  But I’ve been doing a lot of zumba at home. Love this “How Low” routine.

3. I’m in a hot sauce kick as of late, and I think these quinoa balls might fill next weeks quota.  Not doing a super bowl gathering this year, but these treats might make it to game day all the same.

4. Similarly, love this healthier alternative to nachos.

5. And because valentine’s day is around the corner, how cute are these cookies!

6. Breakfast!!! After having meal replacement shakes for the last 14 days, I’m so excited to chew my breakfast tomorrow morning!  I love the results from the past 24 days (granted it feels like the longest 24 days of my life) but man do I miss eating breakfast :).

Have a great weekend,